COVID-19 Outbreak

It's been a tough few months for everyone around the world during COVID-19 and we thank everyone in the front line helping fight COVID-19 and risking their lives.

Due to social distancing laws, there are less flights and workers shipping orders at this time, resulting in slight delays. We have no control over the COVID-19 shipping delays, however can assure you that your parcel will arrive safely but just slightly longer than usual.


We thank you for your patience, we will try to update all our customers on where their shipment is in the world to keep our customers in the loop.


Shipping times are back to normal in Asia (except Malaysia and Japan)



Delays on international orders.  Your parcel will arrive safely, just longer than our usual shipping times. We are seeing delays up to a month however we are communicating with our customers every week via email personally updating them on tracking information. Please understand that we are a small business cannot provided next day deliveries internationally. 

Want to speak to a Roseraie Gal team member about your tracking? Email with your order number. We will get back to you within 24hours.