Welcome to the Roseraie Gal Club

Roseraie Gal Club
Roseraie Gal Club is a rewards system for Roseraie Gal's fans and customers! Earn points with every purchase and refer your friends for $$ off!

How does it work?
Simply sign up for an account using the rewards panel on the bottom left of the page.

What kind of rewards can I earn?
Until further notice, the current rewards system is as follows.
Every $1 USD spent = 1 rose.  Every 10 roses = $1 USD
So for example, if you purchase a $100 accessories, you will earn 100 roses which is $10 towards your next purchase!
You can also earn 50 roses each if you (1) like on facebook, (2) share on facebook, (3) follow on instagram

As a Roseraie Gal's member, you also get your very own referral code which you can send to as many people as you like! Each purchase made with your code gets $10 off, and you will also earn $10 off! Pretty awesome!